Water is the new gold.

HalbWasser develops water efficiency solutions.

More than 70 % of the global drinking water reserves are consumed by farming operations. Irrigation systems are often obsolete or not properly adjusted to the respective conditions. Even the choice of field crops is often more driven by economic considerations than by the climatic conditions. The results are high but preventable losses of water. All that in times of global climate changes. Areas long used for farming now face water shortages and drought.

The crops of some products such as cotton, rice, sugar cane or wheat require particularly large amounts of water. For example, it takes 11,000 liters (roughly 2906 gallons) of water to grow 1 kilogram (2 pounds) of cotton. However, less than half of this amount is consumed by the plants.

Deutsche Bank Research: Investment needs of up to 500 billion Euro annually.

Water technologies are the investment of the future.

HalbWasser reduces.

New patented technology saves more than 50 percent.

With HalbWasser, we have developed a product that uses special sensors to measure the actual water needs of the plants. The HalbWasser technology developed by us is thus capable of reducing the water consumption by more than 50 %, meaning, it can half the water consumption.

The “Global Water Markets” study conducted by Deutsche Bank Research estimates the global need for investment to be between 400 and 500 billion Euro annually. It predicts an “enormous sales potential” for manufacturers of water technologies such as pumps, filters, compressors, valves and fittings and treatment- and desalination plants.

Banks, investment firms and investment banks have already recognized this. First and foremost the Swiss private bank Pictet. It buys stock from companies with 20 percent of their turnover stemming from water.

HalbWasser is the solution for the future

The plight of the plants.

If one could hear the language of plants, it would certainly be loud: trees and herbs whisper, chat and complain. And they send signals. HalbStrom has developed a technology that can read these signals, organize them, and process them for corresponding measures.

One of the biggest threats to plants is a shortage of water. Thus, the corresponding signals are particularly strong. We can't hear the voice of plants. Their language doesn't consist of words, but, for example, of odors. The Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena has investigated this field for years already.

As plants are bound to their location, they do need insects. This is why they create blossoms in eye-catching colors with intense odors, so they can attract the pollinators. As a reward there is nectar and pollen. Oftentimes these defensive strategies alone will not suffice, as the evolution of insects allows them to become resistant against such weapons rather quickly. Only an alliance with the enemy of the enemy can help here.

HalbWasser speaks the language of plants.

But all alliances will come to an end when water is in short supply. There is no rain when odoriferous substances are excreted or when enemies attack the plant. Conversely, no one hears the laments when plants drown in water. Studies have shown that more than 90 percent of all agricultural crops are improperly irrigated.

The bad thing about that: there is too much irrigation. In this event, what signals will plants send? We at HalbWasser have driven this type of research ahead in recent years. And we were able to capture these signals and analyze them. We have learned to understand the plants.

Armed with this knowledge, we have not only created a product that reduces actual water consumption by more than 50 percent. We have also learned to talk with the plants and to give them water when they actually need it. This has nothing to do with sprinkler technologies.

It is so much more: it is the solution to the senseless waste of the precious product water. And it pays. The crops are more productive and offer better harvests.

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How water is wasted.

Inefficient farming is on the hook.

HalbWasser provides water to plants
when they actually need it.

Modern technologies and control systems are changing the face of farming.

Learn to understand HalbWasser

HalbWasser utilizes proprietary bio-benchmarks.

The beginning of any proper communication is the determination of whether the parties even speak the same language, in fact, if the parties are even capable of speaking the same language. Thus, the beginning of our work consists of analyzing the plants and creating a communications catalog. We determine which signals are being sent.

It is of crucial importance to our work how we define the need for water, and first and foremost, to know just how much water a plant actually needs in its growth phase. These parameters are then implemented in the actual water supply. Here, precipitation and air humidity play a crucial role of course.

After the analysis we develop bio-benchmarks. This is our name for the target-to-actual comparison. Once the bio-benchmarks have been defined, we program our own software for the deployment of HalbWasser, which will eventually control the water supply.


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HalbWasser is proactive protection of the environment.

Each agricultural crop has its own genetic code. When using seed plants, breeding and grafting can lead to a wide variety of results. For this reason, we operate our own research lab where the seed and the plants are analyzed. We do so in cooperation with Princeton University in the United States.

Once we have the results and have assessed whether they are compatible with our actual bio-benchmarks, we greenlight the use of the HalbWasser technology.

The result is not merely a median reduction of water consumption by more than 50 percent. The result is also the protection of resources and the environment. Because the reduction of water also means a reduction of fertilizers and pesticides.


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HalbWasser is intelligent

HalbWasser is a technological solution. For every deployment, the research results are programmed into the system based on the analyses and bio-benchmarks and are then deployed. To do so, we create a deployment registry. This means that we are continuously measuring the state of the plant at corresponding measuring points.

The system is intelligent and nifty. Thus, environmental factors have an immediate impact on the supplied water. If it rains, for example, the plants will not be irrigated; provided that is what our bio-benchmarks recommend.

The system can be deployed quickly and with ease at any time. We are currently developing a corresponding control system, which offers producers the opportunity to control HalbWasser from a mobile device. To do so, we are developing the required mobile apps.


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HalbWasser is liquid gold.

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